Check out all the different dives we offer and you'll soon be soaring with the turtles!

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles
were once an endangered species!

Shore dives provide a chance to explore the Maui coastline with ease!

Professionally Guided Shaka Shore Dive...$69.00 "Value Dive!"
For Certified Divers and graduates of the Introductory Dive. Includes Complete SCUBA Gear, Site Briefing, Cold Drinks and an Exciting Reef Tour at one of our favorite beautiful south shore beaches. Sites include: Makena Landing, Ulua Beach, Five Graves, Turtle Town, Bubble Cave, Po'olenalena Beach, Polo Beach, Keawakapu Beach, Wailea Beach and others. Typical dive is 30’ to 45’ deep for 40 to 60 minutes.
9:00am & 1:00pm Monday thru Friday, 11:00am Weekends & Holidays.

~SPECIAL~ Same Day, 2nd Dive!!! Only $20!

Professionally Guided HYDRO-OPTIX MEGA MASK Two-Tank Training Excursion.....................$99.00
Try out a couple of dives with the great new Hydro-Optix Mega 4.5 Dive Mask. This is like no other mask on the market today. We are one of the only companies offering this mask to our divers in the whole state of Hawaii! We'll teach you the special techniques used to see underwater the way the fish see. Experience a true flying through air view! No refraction or distortion of images like you'll find in flat masks. Everything is True Size, True Shape and True Distance! Contact us ahead of time so we may explain some of the unbelievable benefits of this mask. You may even purchase your Demo mask from us at a reduced rate after you fall in love with it!!! See more about these awesome masks at .

Professionally Guided Shaka Night Dive....$79.00 "Value Dive!"
Enter from the beach at twilight and experience the many exciting creatures of the night shift. Includes Complete SCUBA Gear, U/W Flashlight, Chemical Lightstick, Cold Drinks and an experienced Professional Guide. These are totally awesome and are for certified divers only! Come take the plunge into "Hyperspace"! Meet about 45 minutes before sunset. Typical dive lasts 1:10 or longer!

Twilight Two~Tank Special.................$109.00 "Value Dive!"
This is our newest and most popular special offer. First we make an afternoon reef dive and then follow it up with a really cool night dive to the same spot. The first dive gets you familiar and acclimated to the water conditions, site, equipment and procedures. Then, once it gets dark, we hit it again and see the "Night Shift" creatures come out. Typically meeting around 4:00 pm and finishing around 9:00 pm. Save money, dive more, and see really cool stuff!

Shaka Torpedo Scooter Dive................$99.00 "Value Dive!"
This is one you won’t soon forget. Get out to the more remote parts of the reef with our electric waterproof Torpedo scooters. Go faster, stay longer, see more and let the Torpedo do all the work. We’re talking lots of fun with these little babies. Add Photos or a Video for the complete experience. Certified Divers only. Includes Complete SCUBA Gear, Torpedo Scooter, Pro Dive Guide, Site Briefing, and Cold Drinks.

~SPECIAL~ Make a 2nd Scooter Dive on the Same Day!

You never know what you
might see!
It's always a good idea to bring a camera to catch the action!

Watch out for the Mysterious Swimming
Iguana, they've been known to sneak
right up on
some of us!

Custom Funny Photos of your dive experience............$40.00
A big favorite are Funny Photos of your Extreme SCUBA Tour. We're now shooting Digital Photos with a 7 megapixel Canon S-70. We'll capture the action before, during and after the dive. Interact with the marine life and each other. Our guests are always rushing off to their computers, (usually still dripping wet) because they can’t wait to see their pictures! Fun to shoot and fun to share. You never know what you’ll see down there so be smart and have us bring the camera down. Highly recommended! We provide you with a professionally color corrected CD which will contain jpeg still shots and mpeg video clips from the dives. 

"Private Dive Tour" requests will be honored for an additional 50%. We understand that sometimes you just want to work on your skills or shoot pictures or just not want anyone else around to complicate your dive. Many people ask to go out private and we are happy to try to accommodate them. Please give us at least 24 hours notice for a private dive tour.

(Please note: There is a 24 Hours Notice Required for a cancellation. Please advise us of any changes or cancellations to your reservation at least 24 hours prior to the start of the tour. Thank You!)

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