Some of Shaka~Doug's Favorite Diving Pics!

"Aloha! Come on down to Maui and
Dive with Me!"

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Spike Head

Beach Babes!

( I know this has nothing to do with diving but I found it in the pile and, oh well.)

Shaka~Doug on the bottom

Animals like me...

They even kiss me!

Dawn leading the way.

Feelin' kind of "narced"!

Swimming Iguana

Mitch the divin' machine.

Even the Freshwater Bugs need to be scared of me!

Divin', it's not just for guys! Girls like it too!

It's a long way down!

Carin diving through hoops!

Shooting Video, another tough day at the office!

Underwater Narration

"Did I just hear the
Jaws theme?"

"Did I just hear the
Jaws theme?"

"Did I just hear the
Jaws theme?"


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