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"Doug Thanks for making our vacation on Maui extra special - Great experience! We enjoyed our experience diving with you and hope someday you'll join me skiing!

Franz & Janett Weber
World Record Speed Skiing Champion
Reno, NV
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Heli Skiing Tours @ www.franzweber.com

"Doug, Thanks for the great diving and getting us through the course!"

Nadine and Ward,
Maui, HI
Vancouver, Canada

"My Fiancée and I went on our first dive with Captain Doug.
Wouldn't have changed anything! Awesome!
It was the highlight of my trip!"

Kevin and Elizabeth
Pasadena, MD

1st Dive - Scared - but it was great & Doug guided me out of my fear!
Thank You Doug!

It was awesome ~ Can't wait for next time!

Liberty, Jenn & Mark
Maui, HI

"We had a blast! Another Shakarific dive!"

"Thanks for an excellent dive!"

"Nice Dive baby! Brilliant!"

Joanna, Luke, Dave-O, Nambe', Big Mike, Marni, & Tanda
from Maui, Florida & California

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"Zowie Wowie! Not like LA diving. A+!
Thanks for another great dive. Love getting inked!"

Ellen & Dawn
from Maui and  L. A. California

"I ran low on air but Shaka Doug bailed me out! He is the greatest! Saw a baby turtle - was so cute :) Great time as always.
I only dive with Shaka Doug!"

Anji and Chuck
San Marcos, CA

"A great time! Thanks Doug for a personal & safe dive experience. Keep up the good work."

"Thanks Doug - great time & great learning. I can't thank you enough."

Michelle & Eric
Ballwin, MO

"Had a whale of a time!"

"Awesome vis - our hammerhead pumpkin rocks!"

"Lot's of fun! Great Pumpkin Venture!"

Renee', Aaron, Trevor, Lisa, Rand, Michelle, Adam, and many more
Shaka Divers 6th Annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Party

"So much fun! Wow! We had so much fun. Doug is a blast! Laid back & way cool. Just what we were looking for. The bus is truely a hoot! :)
Bubbles were a nice touch."

Janie, Angie, Doug, Dan, Mark, Chris and Mike
Quincy, IL 

"Totally awesome! Saw 4 turtles, 1 octopus, 3 eels; several caves; loads of fun - way better than larger commercial gigs - "Molokini"

"If in Maui again Shaka Diving is what I'll do."

Steve & Nathan
from Redondo Beach, CA

"Best hour you can spend on Maui"

Mike, Chris & Nick
from Moraga, CA

"Can't wait to refer more divers to Doug! I wish I had three hands for a TRIPLE SHAKA!"

Karen & Jay
Stevenson Ranch, CA

"Awesome!! A Double Ray Day"
"Manta Rays were Killer!"
"Yes, Yes, A Most Excellent Experience for Us 1st Timers!"

Barry, Jenny, and Michael
Seattle, WA


"I loved the dives we did!!! We enjoyed it sooooo much!! It was so exciting!!! So much fun!!!!! The sharks were sssooooooo koowel!!! Your diving pal, Sarah the crazed diver!"

Bill, Barbara, Dan & Sarah
Mission Viejo, CA

"We had such a great time! What an awesome trip -
The Honeymoon is now complete - Mahalo"

Tom & Linda
New York, NY

"Always a pleasure! Diving with Doug is great -
he really knows how to take care of you.
Thanks for everything - we'll be back!"

Chuck & Cindy
repeat guests from Smyrna, GA

"This was the best. Fantastic. Saw turtles, barracudas, lobster and an octopus. Incredible! We'll be back!!"

Autumn & Rob
San Diego, CA 

"Both dives were great! We saw another octopus that's 3 including Monday. Saw 3-4 turtles, great pictures. Those two huge lobsters looked delicious. You can't duplicate those dives in any big operation very private dive's you can see a lot more. And Doug has the eye!! Thanks for the best dives Doug!" :)

Mary & Chuck
Denver, CO

"The bubbles tickled my face :) It was a blast! I love your BUS!
It was great!  Doug you're very sweet!"

Mark, Elizabeth, Carine and Kris
Maui, HI

"You Shaka my world - Great diving!! Doug, you're an inspiration to us all. I've resolved to give up all my earthly possessions to go live in a cave with my new found shark friends!"

Rebecca S., Josh B., Marci D., & Colin S.,
Maui, HI

"Doug is a superdooper rockstar instructor! What an enjoyable & informative dive. Mahalo Doug! We love you!"

Jill Wieczorek & Nancy Scibora
Maui, HI

"All Major Credit Cards Accepted!"

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